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Can’t Release License

For releasing a license you need to be connected to the Internet. Since you can read this article, you are connected.

For releasing a license Simplebim must be allowed to access our license servers. You can find instructions for firewall settings here.

For releasing a license you must be logged into Windows as the same user on the same computer. You can find a more detailed explanation here and you can query the status of your license following these instructions.

If all of the above is on order there can be a technical issue:

  • Check the date and time of your computer. If the time on your computer is too far off the actual time, the license server will reject your request as suspicious.
  • Simplebim versions prior to version 10 used a certain way of ‘pinging’ Google as one way to test the internet connection. After version 9 was released Google changed it’s policy and pinging Google now randomly requires captcha authentication. Because of this releasing the licence may randomly not work for with Simplebim versions 9 and older. The best solution is to upgrade to version 10, which also introduced the new license lease system. If this is not possible, you should simply try releasing the license again.